The best solution can only be found by a process of trial and error.

The man made to grab at me.


These ties aren't mine.

My mother put clean linen on my bed.

Among my acquaintances are many Japanese-speaking Americans.

Who else is going to be on the show?

Do you think we'll make the train?

Everyone praises the boy.

I have a date tonight.


The engagement is often followed by a public announcement of marriage.

Leave everything.

Moderation in all things.

The bison is the national mammal of the United States.

Connie is getting ready for bed.


Germany is a federal republic.

The scuttlebutt is they're going to Australia.

I really don't want you to do that.

I help them almost every day.

It's going to take about three hours.

Do you want these?

The man has even less cake.

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Why don't we talk about you?

I think we should ignore Noemi's complaints.

We're on our way home.

In life, you gain and lose things, but also can't force things to happen.

I've heard that he won't be in this country for a long time.

There are people who just want to interrupt and waste your time.

This vase is made of iron.


They're concerned about the budget.

Claude is traveling alone.

Do you think you'll be able to solve the problem by yourself?


One day Mark Twain surprisingly confessed: "I am not as young as I was several years ago..."

There are a couple of small wobbles in the typhoon's track.

They were both silent for a while.

Is it true that men have oilier skin than women?

Thomas seems resourceful.


Do you want to keep dating them?


In short, all died out.

Ninja asked Hughes to sit down.

Is that fun?

Do you want it in banknotes or in small change?

We're not selling our house.


Dale straightened the knot on his tie.

I asked Cary to come over to collect my mail and feed my cat while I'm out of town.

Shatter, tell me the truth because I'll find out anyway.

White collar crime has made American people trust the government less.

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

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Tell him I'm in the office.

No spoilers, please!

Sho blushed and turned away.

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You're arguing just to argue.

Sit down and have a drink.

Brender understands what needs to be done.

I'll be there in about 30 minutes.

You must have forgotten them at the office.

Jwahar stomped her foot angrily.

I live pretty close to here.

Jorge is just finishing setting up.

I don't like what she has done.

The wheat fields stretch out for miles.

I don't think Lynnette likes you very much.

This is my favourite movie.

You wouldn't gain anything by a method like that.

Jerald appears exhausted.

The typhoon is gaining strength as it heads for Kyushu.

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Let's see if this makes sense.

Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?

I don't make the schedule.


Reinhard believed he could actually predict the future.

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That was an excellent putt.

He's gone into hiding.

Do you think I don't know what's happening?


She arrived in a car.


You know I won't lie to you.

I missed the arrival of Sinterklaas.

We have a lot of expertise in this area.

Takashi said he wasn't afraid of ghosts, but when he heard some sounds from the supposedly empty second floor, he quickly scrambled away.

What was wrong with you?

I have news.

She threw her arms around her husband's neck.


Do you love each other to that extent?

Avery shut the door to his room.

Look up the town on the map.

Am I supposed to be impressed by that?

He who does not know any foreign language knows nothing of his own language.

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Tandy was risking losing his job by talking to his boss that way.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

There are four main causes of alcohol-related death. Injury from car accidents or violence is one. Diseases like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart and blood system diseases are the others.


This winter will probably be very cold.

They just missed the train.

The freshest watermelon is discovered by knocking on its rind.

Promise me you'll help Kerry.

Mott would like to know whether you would like to come to his party.

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I was concerned about Ravi.

I want to look good naked.

It wasn't really that simple.

The policeman aimed his gun at Mosur and yelled, "Hold it right there!"

What a bad movie!


I can't find my phone charger.

Would I try to do it?

The trade balance registered a surplus of $76 billion, with exports reaching $314 billion and imports $238 billion.

Have you ever shot a gun before?

Time heals almost everything. Give time, time.

You've been very quiet. What's the matter?

I'd like to see the doctor.

They went out to eat.

Jane had hardly entered the room when the students gathered around her.

Can you speak German?

Even a black hen lays white eggs.

Are you moving back home?

She has an uncle who works in a bank.

He gave me a sign to keep quiet.

They knew they could count on Serdar.


He was guilty of a blunder.

Randal won't have a chance.

Kenton is a good kisser.

Please be quiet so you don't wake Panzer up.

Let's talk about why that happened.


It was a pleasant, lively, natural scene; a beautiful day, a retired spot; and two girls, quite unconstrained and careless, danced in the freedom and gaiety of their hearts.

I'm sorry this had to happen to you.

He wrote a story just now.


She always sees beauty in the little things.


This sentence is grammatically correct.

I can't be killed so easily.

Helen said he'd overstayed his visa.


I barely passed the exam.

There are some oranges on the table.

They stopped their game and stared at me.

You're wet.

I may have to get rid of Marco.


That's what we have to discuss.

Many birds are on the branch.

I'm a vegetarian, so I'd rather not have meat, if that's okay.

There is no one who has been loved by the students more than Mr Jones.

Who took you to the prom?

The kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes.

For that reason Coco was, to me, 'an older sister I can play with' and I thought of her only as one member of the family not as someone I should question my father concerning her identity.

Curious to say, I didn't find it anywhere.

I want you to ignore the pain.

The outlook for planning the defense is grim.

We have many things in common.

Tell Carol no.

I'll try to get in touch with Hotta.

For some reason or other I cannot bring myself to work.

We have to get Merat out of here.

In the near future, he will get his just deserts.

This is a really nice place.


Mason even likes cold pizza.

I'm concerned about the result of the exam.

He took a week off.

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I have no choice but to take the red-eye back to New York.

I crossed the street even though the light was still red.

It was a simple mistake.


Why did Alastair want to learn French?

"I was just talking to him." "Talking to him about what?"

This girl changed her look.

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I shouldn't have eaten that. I feel sick.

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Maybe you should just fire Daniel.


What is the meaning of antidisestablishmentarianism?

I hope that you will get well soon.

It's just a question of when.

He forbore his anger.

Laurence passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Can you play tennis?

They closed down the ferry service since it was no longer economical.


Kimmo wore a large hat.